What Is There To Do In Queenstown?

Queenstown has numerous local attractions and is a great base to set up camp while you explore the rugged beauty and other environmental wonders of the West via day trips.

Whether it’s bush walking, four-wheel driving, mountain bike riding, waterfall chasing or exploring the history of Tasmania’s west, the Queenstown Cabin and Tourist Park is the place to base yourself.

An image of the grey mountain range.

Things To Do

  • King River Rafting – suitable for 12+ years, and most fitness levels
  • Roam Wild Tours – local tours of heritage Huon and King Billy forests, Lake Margaret power station, sawmill, four-wheel drive adventures, wildlife nights etc.
  • Bush Walking – numerous tracks throughout Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and West Coast Ranges of various grades
  • Waterfall Chasing – numerous waterfalls within close proximity including:

Horsetail Falls – seasonal 1.6 km round trip (easy Grade 2)
Hogarth Falls – 1 km return trip (easy Grade 2)
Stitt Falls – 100 metres (easy Grade 1)
Montezuma Falls – 8 km return (easy Grade 2)
Svengali Falls – 5.5 km return (difficult Grade 5)
Frazer Falls – 18 km return (difficult Grade 5)

  • West Coast Wilderness Rail – experience yesteryear on a steam train. Various trips available.
  • Paragon Theatre (seasonal) – step back in time to when a night at the pictures was an event.
  • Gordon River Cruise – cruise Macquarie Harbour and Gordon River. Travel through the notorious Hells Gates (weather permitting), visit fish farms and the convict ruins on Sarah Island.

Hogarth Falls

An image of a waterfall.

Stitt Falls

An image of the surrounding environment

Montezuma Falls

An image of Montezuma Falls
An image of the grey mountain range.

Our Local Attractions

  • Galley Museum
  • Spion Kopf lookout (for an overview of the town)
  • Miner’s Siding (copper sculptures depicting our mining history)
  • Gravel Oval (Heritage listed and still used for games)
  • Iron Blow Lookout (original copper deposit)
  • Horsetail Falls
  • Confluence and Harris’ Reward walks
  • Kelly Basin and the old township of Pillinger
  • West Coast Wilderness Railway
  • Paragon Theatre
An image of the grey mountain range.

Get Dirty!

Mountain Bike Riding – including:

  • Sterling Valley (12 km – intermediate)
  • Montezuma Falls (28 km – easy)
  • Spray Tunnel (6 km – easy)
  • Heemskirk Loop (14 km – intermediate)
  • Granville Harbour (12 km – intermediate)
  • and the soon to be completed 5 tracks at Mt Owen

Four-Wheel Drive Tracks, including:

  • – Climies Track (Trial Harbour to Granville Harbour)
  • This route follows an old, 18 km long, four-wheel drive track that used to connect the two shack towns, but which has now had so many bridges collapse it is only passable to those on foot, bike or full-on four-wheel drive with recovery gear.
    – Mt Huxley Four-Wheel Drive Track
  • A great track of the West’s rugged area with views of heritage-listed areas, Lake Burbury and surrounding mountains. Rated hard due to a steep and rocky section at the end.
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